Snack Boxes

Delicious and healthy snacks, auto-magically.

Started to eat healthier meals, but not sure what to do in between meals? Wanting to keep a diverse mix of tasty treats around for when hunger strikes? Science has proven that you eat what is convenient for you, and there's nothing more convenient than a Healthy Surprise box arriving at the frequency you choose. That's right! Pick one of our delicious snack boxes, choose an ordering frequency and put your health on auto pilot!

What snacks can I expect?

Every month our snackologists put together a new packing list for our three box types. That means all new, full size snacks each month. We have a format for our boxes we use to guarantee a good mix. We know you don't want to get 10 bars each month. You can expect a mix of:

Paleo Box only

Everything we carry is the highest quality:

Which box is right for me?

We have three subscription boxes available for you to choose from. Our Classic Box (15 snacks) and Big Box (21 snacks) provide a great value and variety, each box is packed to the brim with new and exciting snacks. These boxes meet all of our quality standards and are vegan which means you won't find any animal products in any snack (think meat, eggs, dairy or honey).

Our Paleo Box (17 snacks) is for those on the paleo/primal diet and are looking for even cleaner snacks. The snacks in this box meet all of the same quality standards, except they are not vegan, as they contain either grass-fed/pasture raised meat and wild caught fish, and may have eggs or honey. You won't find any refined sugars, grains, dairy or legumes either in this box. This is the ultimate snack box for those on the strictest diets.

No commitment. Cancel at any time. Skip a month.

Our goal is to wow you with incredible products made with the highest ingredients, not trick you into buying something you don't want. That's why we have a 100% guarantee, no commitments and allow you to change your order frequency (or cancel) at any time. To make a change just log in to your account.

Subscribe now to one of our boxes:

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Classic Box Subscription
Classic Box Subscription

Snack Box

$ 42.49
15 snacks
Plants only / Vegan
Big Box Subscription
Big Box Subscription

Snack Box

$ 63.74
21 snacks
Plants only / Vegan
Paleo Box Subscription
Paleo Box Subscription

Snack Box

$ 63.74
17 snacks
No Refined Sugars
No Grains
No Legumes